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The Irish Clans Network is an independent, authoritative, not-for-profit, organisational body which is dedicated to promoting the shared Irish heritage of more than 70 million people worldwide.

Irish Clans Network has been initiated by Irish clan groups who have seen the need to establish a progressive, technology-led approach to the promotion of Irish clan heritage on a worldwide scale.

Irish Clans Network has already connected over 70,000 people around the world and the success of this project has been underpinned by the inclusive and welcoming elements of features such as a free online Irish Clan Membership Certificate that anyone can obtain at the click of a button. This has enabled tens of thousands of people to connect with their Irish heritage in a way that has never before been possible.

The organisation is funded by charitable donations from Irish-based benefactors who are committed to promoting the island of Ireland both in an economic and cultural sense in order to positively influence the future of all of the people of Ireland by connecting with a global audience that includes millions of people of Irish descent.

We look forward to continuing to reach out to anyone of Irish heritage, whoever and wherever they may be. (to donate click here)

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39 thoughts on “About Irish Clans Network

    • Hi Brandon,

      Thank you so much for your comment – a Costello Irish Clan page has been set up on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/CostelloIrishClan – where people of Costello heritage are already connecting plus you can get a free Costello Clan Membership Certificate (just click on ‘Join Your Irish Clan’ icon and follow the on-screen instructions) too. There are plans to develop a Costello clan grouping website so stay in touch as we want to help as many people as possible to connect with their Irish heritage.

  1. Hi i would like to find out more of my heritage as i know we originated from Ireland, except im not too sure which part of the country? I do know that we are heavily connected to the O Connell clan but dont know much else.



    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for your comment – to help you connect with your Irish heritage, why not visit http://www.connellclanireland.com where you can join the O’Connell Clan (plus get a free O’Connell Clan Membership Certificate) and connect with fellow members of the O’Connell Clan who may be able to help you. There are also features, blog articles and guestbooks where you may find someone who could help you with your search.

      Good luck with your search & please do come back here to let us know how your search is going,

      Irish Clans Network

  2. would be interested in finding out more about my scotch/irish heritage and find out how the christie’s became a part of the ferguson clan…thank you….

  3. I would like to know about my great grandmother Honora ( hannah ) Brassell
    also william who was a Butcher ,they were from Limerick

  4. Pedigree of the Ua Brolchains

    Neill ‘of the Nine Hostages’
    Eoghain (Cenel Eoghainn)
    Feradaigh (Cenel Feradaigh)
    Suibhne mend
    King of Ireland
    d. 623
    Chief of Cenel Eoghainn 650
    Maili Tuile
    Flann find
    Chief of Cenel Eoghainn
    d. 698
    Brolchain (O Brolchainn)
    Doiligein 1053
    Royal priest of Armagh
    Mael patraicc
    Duibh insi
    Maoil Brigdhe prime t-Saoir of Ireland
    d. 1029
    | | | |
    Diermada Aedha Muiregein Maoil Iosa an cleiricc O Brolchain
    d. 1086


    There is a Ballybrollaghan in Donegal, Banagh Barony, Parish of Inver. Bally
    means “homeland,” so this is a reference to the “homeland of the O Brolchains.”

    • I have been trying to learn Irish Gaelic for sereval yrs now, something about the language intrigued me while visiting Ireland. This area of Missouri has never heard of Gaelic so it has been difficult, with no one to speak it to. I have used tapes, a Gaelic dictionary and some online resources. I know the basic, greetings, thanks, signs, etc. I have enjoyed the the bites that I receive from Eoin. go raibh maith agat.

  5. I’d like to know more on the Graham Clan as you’ve not got it listed with the others!! Any and all info would be helpful , Thankyou Kindly Friends!! :)

  6. I would like to know more about the Ford Clan. My mother was Irish born but her maiden name was spelled “Forde” not “Ford” Is there any relationship or are they two different clans?

    • To reply to your question about the different spellings of the surname Ford or Forde. Both are of Irish Origin. Though the Ford surname is more often found spelled Forde in Ireland.

      In form, this is a common English name for someone who lived near a ford. In Ireland, where it is more often “Forde”, it may indicate English ancestry, since many English of the name settled in Ireland. However, in the majority of cases, it is a native Irish name, an anglicisation of at least three Irish distinct originals: Mac Giolla na Naomh, meaning “son of the devotee of the saint”, also anglicised as “Gildernew”; Mac Conshamha, from conshnamh, meaning “swimming dog”, also anglicised “Kinneavy”; and Ó Fuarain, from fuar, meaning “cold”, and also anglicised as “Foran”. Clearly, the English clerks transcribing Irish names had scant knowledge of the language they were hearing. Mac Conshamha originated in north Connacht, where the sept were chiefs in the area now part of Co. Leitrim from the thirteenth century. Mac Giolla na Naomh was principally a south Connacht name, while Ó Fuarain originated in Co. Cork. The name is still most common in Cork, though large numbers are also to be found in the Connacht counties of Galway and Mayo, as well as in Dublin.

  7. Hi I was looking through your website, it looks great, love what you are doing here.
    I searched the name Judge and cannot join as the coat of arms is incorrect.
    The coat of arms/crest for the name judge is a Black crest, with three white escallop shells (two on top , one on the bottom) a white chevron etc…
    This is the irish crest for the surname Judge – Mac An Breitheamh – Mac An Breiteamnaig, etc…
    The names Brehon and Breen can also linked to the name Mac an Bhreitheamh pre Heraldy of the 8th and 9th centuries, but were given different crests for their given names

    the Judge crest on this website is the English version of the name , not the Irish one, just like the name Stewart has two different crests an Irish and a Scottish one

    is it possible to register the irish version of the crest and would I be able to start it off as an individual , and encourage others to join thereafter ?

  8. I, too, would like more info about the Ford clan. I do have a copy of our tartan, which is Irish, though many Fords came from Montrose in Scotland.

  9. I did make a request previously regarding the DANCEY Clan. My Great-Great Grandfather, William Dancey from Armagh (probably Cavan connections) who was a linen maker and horse trader and married to Ameilia, died possibly around 1845 or so, and his eldest son, Matthew, came to Canada (Ottawa area) probably in 1848/49, to buy a farm and get established, and the rest of the family came with the mother in 1851. They were William Jr., Newberry, Alexander (my Great Grandfather) and James. Apparently the ship they were on ran up on a sand bar close to Newfoundland, and they had to throw all their personal effects overboard, including a lot of their money. There are also roots of Malloy’s on my mother’s side, who married into the Johnston’s (my Grandfather) who’s mother was a Purcell from Southern Ireland.

  10. Hi,
    I’m from Ireland and was suprised not to see Hannon or in Gaelic Ó hAnnáin here.It would be great to see our clan added to the Great Gathering,we hope to see us added.
    Is féidir Go raibh maith agat as do chabhair agus an bóthar ardú suas chun bualadh leat

  11. I would like to know why the Simpson clan is not listed. My relatives came to the United States in the 1700’s and settled in South Carolina. Their names were: William and Mary Simpson and they came from Belfast, Ireland. I would like to have a Simpson Crest as they were my Great, great, great Grandparents!!!

  12. I would like you to look up the clan O`meara and have you add it to your website, having come from a long line of O`meara which originates from Limerick and is easy to look up on Google, so not sure why you find it so hard to add it to your site.

  13. i was wondering is there a fallon (o’fallon) clan website? and i have recently joined it and was wondering if i could get to a site

  14. I know the Liggets are from County Antrim in N. Ireland, but I’ve never seen any clan or group associated with the name. How do I find out if one exists?

  15. I see that the Burke Clan page needs and administer. What does this job entail? I may be interested in doing it. Please email me the details.

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