Form & grow your clan group with Irish Clans Network

Using the latest online technology tools, Irish Clans Network helps you form your own clan grouping (or develop your existing group) so you can connect and engage globally with people who share your Irish family name heritage!

Irish Clans Network is now providing a cutting-edge approach to connecting people of Irish heritage around the world – if you want to start an Irish clan grouping or want to develop your existing clan group, Irish Clans Network can help you grow.

Anyone can be part of an Irish clan grouping, after all it’s your birth right and being part of a close connection to your past and to your ancestors is something that everyone can experience. With Irish Clans Network, there are no mountains of document submission, pre-certification red tape or membership fees involved, if you feel part of a particular Irish clan group(s) then you have a right to be a member.

And if you are part of an existing Irish clan group and need help to grow your connections or to promote the activities of your grouping then Irish Clans Network can provide you with the latest online tools and support to do so.
There are currently over 450 Irish clan groups registered with Irish Clans Network having connected over 70,000 around the world.

To form your Irish clan grouping or to find out more about developing your existing Irish clan grouping, email:

12 thoughts on “Form & grow your clan group with Irish Clans Network

  1. please can you help me find anything on my clan “Haggan” my father was born and bred in carrickfergus, county antrim. i just would love to know things about my irish roots and the meaning of my surname

  2. My family is from Irerland but i was orfined at a young age and all i do know is that it was my grandfather that came to Canada and married a french woman and thay had four children 2 boys and 2 girls the oldest boy was my father Willam Hugh Doheney. so i am trying to find my family since i was a child,I was raised by the goverment. So any help you can provid will be greatfil. Thanks.

  3. Hi!
    My dad was born in Cavan in Ireland and I would really love to hear from any information re ancestors/relations/family. I am lead to believe that Cullivan is quite a common name – but unsure. Please hope someone can help me. :-) My dad passed away quite a few years ago, still miss him terribly – he was a lovely man

    • I have an Irish background and i am ivvloned with our Celtic Club here where i live. I have always been so fascinated with the Irish Heritage that i am very eager to learn Gaelic Language! The Irish language intrigues me and so this is why i want to learn the language. It will also be alot of fun while learning. Irish people ROCK!!!!!

  4. I am looking for anyone who knows about my great Grandfather Stanislaus Murphy. he married an Agnus O’Neil around 1898 or so in manhattan, then moved to Staten Island NY. Thanks

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