Irish Clans in USA: Kerry Lyons piece on her Irish heritage

With the celebrations well and truly over for St. Patrick’s Day 2012, we came across this evocative piece in the Huffington Post from Kerry Lyons who reflects on what it means for her to be of Irish heritage having been born in and grown up in the US.


She covers how important it is for her and her wider family to remain connected to Ireland despite the distance between the two lands.


Kerry also touches on how important her own Irish clan is to her with her family name of O’Connor, her husband’s (a first generation Irish American) family name of Lyons and how her grandparents friends the O’Sheas and the McKennas would join them for annual vacations on Cape Cod, which she lovingly refers to as the “Irish Riviera”.


She also reveals how her ties to her Irish heritage were strengthened by spending time with her family connections both in the US and in Ireland and how:

“Our little clan of Irish lads and one lovely lassie serve as daily (and nightly!) reminders of how important it is to cherish our past while ensuring a future where our Irish tales will be told and songs will be sung.”

Read Kerry Lyon’s full article:

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