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  1. My sister and I vacationed in Ireland several years ago. We had a great time and we both want to go back again. Since we are now both retired we want to spend more time and do some work in our ancestry when there. We also want to spend more time everywhere. When we were there before every day was outlined and we just couldn’t spend extra time anyplace.

  2. Hi. I have always been interested in my ancestory. I am always looking. I found that one of my ancestor came from County Down. His name is Daniel Rooney Born around 1840 and went to America to Boston, MA. I hope to someday find more info on him.

  3. My McHugh family is in South Africa. My grandfathers family moved to South Africa but his brothers family moved to the USA. So I am in the process of matching the pieces to find out who is who in the zoo.

  4. My McHugh family is based in South Africa. My grandfather’s father and his family emigrated to South Africa (I have no idea of dates) where his brother emigrated to the states (USA). I am just trying to match the pieces together in order to determine who is who in this McHugh zoo.

    • I live in Jacksonville, FL. My line came from Queen’s Co. now Laois Co. The arrived in New Orleans, LA in 1850, then in Galveston Texas in 1898.

  5. My grandmother Helena Agnes Keane born co. Galway in approximately 1895 is the daughter of James and Annie J. Keane. They are from a place called Owenbrin in co. Mayo and both my great grandfather and great grandmother were born in co. Mayo. I would like to know if there are any other Keane’s out there and how we are connected. I know my grandfather’s side of the family but not too much of my Granny’s looking to connect with people and get to know my Irish roots.
    Thank you!

  6. Looking forward to connecting with any Murphy’s, in the Maryland and New Jersey area in order to trace some of my relatives history.

  7. My great-great grandfather, William Hayes, came to US from Limerick in 1851 with his wife Honora. Would like to know her maiden name, what part of Limerick they were from, in what church they married. They settled in Rome, NY.

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