Links to Ancient Irish Clan “unearthed” in Co. Down

Some ground-breaking news has emerged from Co. Down where the Irish Clans Network understands that one of Ireland’s most mystifying monuments from Ancient Ireland, the Mound of Down, near Downpatrick is currently being excavated.

The Mound of Down has long been associated with the Ancient Irish Clan the Dál Fiatach who are believed to have had a stronghold here and the site has remained shrouded in mystery with no excavations having taken place until now.

The site is also known as Dundalethglas or “the English Mount” which could be a reference to the fact that the Anglo-Norman knight, John De Courcy won a significant battle near the Mound in 1177 during the Norman invasion of Ireland and may have took the site as a stronghold.

And as for the Dál Fiatach, this clan too has a mysterious past but is believed by many to have lineage to the modern day clan names of Dunleavy/Donleavy, McNulty, Hoey, Haughey and McCaughey.

Whatever secrets the Mound of Down holds beneath the soil, the hopes are that archaeological work will soon provide us with an opportunity to look into the past way of life of this Ancient Irish Clan.

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  1. Thanks! I actually live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Two of my gatndparenrs were born in Clontarf, their gatndparenrs having been some of the pioneer settlers to the area in the late 1870s. I have visited Ireland several times, and on my last visit I found the Irish people to be a bit more curious about their relatives who left for America. Since I have done some of my own research about my Irish relatives in America, I thought I could help them a little bit. Thanks again for the comment I appreciate it!Aine

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