The Gathering – You’re Invited!


As Ireland gets ready for The Gathering 2013, we’re calling on all people of Irish heritage to answer the call of their Irish Clan.

70 million people worldwide claim Irish descent and because not all of them can make it to Ireland for 2013 those holding their own Gathering (anywhere in the world) to celebrate the heritage of their Irish Clan are invited to:

In conjunction with the Irish government’s tourism initiative, The Gathering 2013, we’re on a mission to discover what clan gatherings are being planned by people of Irish descent all around the globe.

In 2013, The Gathering is expected to attract an additional 325,000 people to Ireland with events and festivals already taking place throughout the island.

Events include individual clan gatherings, genealogical projects, and outreach initiatives targeting people of Irish descent who have either left Ireland or are linked to the country

via connections within their family tree (such as the The Great Irish Clan Gathering which has already connected over 90,000 people). are now seeking submissions from people of Irish heritage who are preparing to visit (or hold an event in) Ireland in 2013 in order to encourage and promote any gatherings or projects that are being arranged.

Whether you’re actually attending a large Irish Clan Gathering in Ireland (or anywhere in the world) or visiting your relations for a small family reunion; we’ll help promote your event – you can find out what Gatherings are taking place across the globe right here on the Great Irish Clan Gathering Forum!



Over the coming months we’ll be keeping you updated with some exciting announcements and exclusive special offers direct from your Irish Clan.

With so much planned for this global celebration of the Irish Clan, you can expect to find a whole host of features including how members of your clan are connecting and celebrating their Irish heritage via The Gathering 2013.
So stay tuned for what promises to be a wonderful celebration of the global Irish community!

3 thoughts on “The Gathering – You’re Invited!

  1. Hi, I’m trying to find info on any Shaughnessy/O’Shaughnessy event/gathering coming up in 2012-2013. The link from the O’Shaughnessy clan page only linked to an page for an O’Shaughnessy gathering in 2006.

  2. My fiancé and I will be coming to Ireland for our honeymoon next August. We can’t wait to hear more about what is planned for the O’Rourke clan!

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